Single use: wake up and smell the coffee

posted by Phill Allen

February, 04th, 2015

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Single-use technologies have revolutionised the biopharmaceutical industries in more ways than you might think.
Single use: wake up and smell the coffee
It is indeed most common nowadays to see single use applications cascading along the many upstream and downstream processes which channel through the sector.
But what about the people who work tirelessly along the bioprocess supply chain?
Well, it would seem Starbucks Japan has woken up and smelt the coffee when it comes to single use.
The company’s outlets across East Asia are keeping  biopharmaceutical workers – along with the public – topped up on coffee which is brewed with a twist.

The art of great coffee

Starbucks Origami Personal Drip coffee is the first Starbucks single use drip coffee product offered in the world. Pick from one of three roasts, open the sealed bag, fan out the origami filter, affix to a mug and pour hot water over the ground beans.
Then sit back and enjoy the perfect blend.
Personal Drip, so says Starbucks, invokes the “artistry and hand-crafted nature of Japan’s ancient art of origami and this innovative product allows customers to brew a single cup of Starbucks coffee at home that does not require any special equipment”.
We’d have to agree. After all, at ALLpaQ we like to think of ourselves as coffee connoisseurs. Even so, this is by far the most creative way we’ve seen of brewing coffee.
Right then, time to put the kettle on. Anybody want one?

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