Single-use can help patients say Parenteral Drug Association

posted by Phill Allen

February, 18th, 2015

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The Parenteral Drug Association is calling on the pharmaceutical industry, regulators and suppliers to work together in bringing forward new single-use technologies.
Single-use can help patients say Parenteral Drug Association
Doing so would deliver benefits to patients around the world, Morten Munk told delegates at the Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Conference in Munich, Germany.
Mr Munk, the technical author of PDA Technical Report 66: Application of Single-Use Systems in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, added: “We need to make sure industry and regulators are talking together.”
In working together to “serve the patient”, he cautioned that industry must only bring in
new technology “if it helps the patient”.
“It cannot jeopardise them.”

Single-use, many benefits

Mr Munk said the PDA document had been designed as a “guide to help industry and regulators” in the implementation of single-use systems.
It would also foster:

  • An aligned quality approach and best practice sharing
  • Decision making based on facts rather than gut feeling
  • An argument to convince the sceptics
  • A common platform for moving forward with single-use

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