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Scott Graves: Introducing ALLpaQ’s Global Sales Director

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ALLpaQ Packaging Limited • Lindsey Comprehensive School, Cleethorpes
London, England, United Kingdom

Hi again. Scott Graves here.

Pleasure to e-meet you. As I was saying, whether you’re an existing customer or interested in our range of fluid management solutions, I’m here to help. 

ALLpaQ is the originator of the all-plastic bioprocess containers that changed the fluid management game. And, right now, our team of designers and fabricators are working hard to bring new innovations to the market designed to meet your ever-evolving needs. 

Verified as fit-to-fill for production uptime, ALLpaQ products tick all the right bioprocess boxes.


Easily load and unloaded with forklift or pallet jack


Reusable for multiple transfers and shipments.

Fold & Stack

Fold & stack to enhance storage.


Lightweight properties reduce shipping costs.

Tubing Chamber

Lockable outlet tubing chamber to protect assemblies.

Bag Compatibility

Compatible with all 2D & 3D bags.

Want to know more about our bioprocess containers, cleanroom accessories and fluid management solutions? Then email me on, call +44 07944 949627 or fill in the form below. 

I look forward to talking to you. Let’s change your life (sciences) today.

Scott Graves

ALLpaQ Global Sales Director

Want to know more about me?

Great. It’s good to know who you’ll be talking to. That’s why I recently sat down for an interview to discuss my 30 years’ experience and how I have helped businesses like yours achieve and exceed their goals. 

Happy reading…