Responsible Pharma Packaging: ALLpaQ Environment Statement

Environmental sustainability. 

In today’s milieu, business folk utter the phrase with more regularity than ‘coffee please’. Unlike the aftermath of a cuppa though, as businesses we must ensure that ‘environmental sustainability’ is not an empty phrase.

This means topping up the proverbial – hopefully, recyclable – cup with substance. And there are so many great companies out there doing just that. Any praise, of course, must be counterbalanced with an air of caution because, collectively, we can and we must do more. 

At ALLpaQ, we believe it is incumbent upon all of us to leave greener footprints in our wake. From company owners, government bodies to each of us as individuals, we all share the same world and you know what they say about sharing…

Environmental sustainability: An ALLgreeN brand

As such, we all have a duty to package responsibly. In this ever-shrinking world of ours, actions that benefit the wider community are actions worth taking. 

Bioprocess containment remains a part of daily fluid handling life for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Put simple: that’s a reality of life (sciences).

At least, that’s the way we see it at ALLpaQ. 

Before we consider the environmental credentials of our fluid management solutions though, let’s take a detour to consider the ALLpaQ brand. 

Even at its inception over a decade ago, a decision was made to infuse green-thinking into our production processes. 

Green-thinking therefore informed our brand thinking. Take the ALLpaQ roundall icon, for example. This underscores the circular lifecycle of our flagship liquid pharma totes while the green brand colouration marks an undeniable rallying call of our intent.

Reuse. Return. Recycle

Reuse, return, recycle: this mantra ascends our brand. It is built into every inch of our liquid pharma containers. It follows then that our liquid pharma containers are uniquely fabricated to streamline supply chains, minimise waste and reduce carbon emissions. 

How, you ask? Environmentally innovative packaging designs.  

As such, ALLpaQ designs break the rigid mould of traditional steel containers.



ALLpaQ liquid pharma containers can be used time and time again. And, in the event of damage, individual panels can be removed and replaced. This adds to the lifespan of your bioprocess containment fleet, enhancing sustainability and your bottom line. 

Return and recycle: 

We’re corporate. We’re social. We’re responsible. At ALLpaQ, we are committed to a responsible future through recycling plastic liquid pharma containers. This means we’ll always accept ALLpaQ totes back from our customers to go to recycling. 

We only ever manufacture containers from virgin materials as they can be recycled into new pharma products. 

This is important. After all, the benefits of recycling include:  

  • Less plastic in landfills 
  • Reduction in oil consumption in plastic production 
  • Reduction in energy consumption 
  • Decreases pollution across ecosystems
  • Reduction in CO2 carbon emissions

Empowering scientists, empowering the planet

From discovery, development, clinical testing to manufacturing, research to cell culture and beyond, ALLpaQ is all about empowering scientists in their life-saving work. 

It is our mission to not just sustain but to improve the future.

Get in touch to find out more about our bioprocess products and production processes. ALLpaQ is always ALL ears.

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