Putting sustainability in a box

posted by Phill Allen

October, 15th, 2014

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Sustainability. Now what’s that all about? It’s one of those phrases sounded with the regularity of a farm cockerel. But what does it actually mean? Well, it means different things to different people.
Putting sustainability in a box
At ALLpaQ, for instance, when we utter the word ‘sustainability’ we are alluding to the need to balance the long term goals of a business with the demands of its stakeholders.
The ALLpaQ solution is designed to contribute to the delivery of both. Actions, of course, always speak louder than words and this is certainly the case when it comes to being sustainable.
So let’s explore our sustainable process.

Manufacturing business sustainability

Managers in the biopharmaceutical industry face a choice between plastic and steel bioprocess containers when it comes to storing and shipping valuable media.
The pendulum is in motion, a swing towards plastic fast-becoming the norm. But why is this? It’s simple really. The sustainability goals of pharmaceutical and life science companies are being fuelled by the ALLpaQ plastic solution.
Environmental and commercial benefits of plastic fabrication include:

  • Collapsible and stackable
  • Improved space utilisation in warehousing
  • Optimised space in manufacturing
  • Ease of operator handling satisfies health and safety and occupational health goals
  • Easier to clean saves time and gives hygiene confidence
  • Reusable so you can keep the same fleet in rotation for years

These functional design benefits seep into and enhance each kink of our clients’ supply chains. After all, when we consider fluid handling in line with business sustainability, gone are the days of simply deciding how to shift a tonne of liquid from point A to point B.
Sure, this is a primary objective but, like a beautiful chord, many complex notes sound within. To enhance sustainability, fluid containment must be handled with the precision of a concert pianist.
Factoring in issues such as occupational health, safety management systems, space optimisation and operator handling allows for the formation of a streamlined containment strategy.
This methodology is what sets ALLpaQ apart. It is the heartbeat of all that we do. We factor in the needs of all your stakeholders when designing a bioprocess solution. This is how we enhance efficiency and business sustainability.
Whether you require single-use or multi-use, collapsible, stackable, cleanable, practical or plain containment, the complete range can be customised to your organisational needs.


Talk to one of our bioprocess specialists about making your business more efficient, competitive and sustainable. Plan your future, today and live for a better tomorrow.
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