Plastic bioprocess containers: the argument stacks up

posted by Phill Allen

February, 24th, 2014

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What’s square, grey and stacks up? Lego bricks aside, we’re talking about the ALLpaQ range of plastic bioprocess containers.

Why is the ability to stack bioprocess containers important, you ask? Well, when it comes to storing and shipping valuable media, happenings inside a bioprocess container are almost as important as the contents within.

Unlike the steel equivalent, fabricating in plastic means ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be easily stacked, stored and filled with product in volumes up to 1000 L.

This maximises valuable warehousing space which, in turn, generates valuable cost savings for the business.

Likewise, when shipped products arrive at their destination, ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be collapsed to save space in return shipment.

What to do next?

View our range of plastic bioprocess containers to find out more about how the business benefits stack up in your favour.

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