Plastic bioprocess boxes – thinking inside the box

posted by Phill Allen

June, 27th, 2019

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The Bioprocess Industry’s demand for single-use technology has driven a change in the biosciences supply chain. Which is why storage manufacturers have been thinking inside the box – the plastic bioprocess box!
New standards in process and efficiency, is driving life science and biopharmaceutical companies to reconsider the practicalities containment. ALLpaQ’s all-plastic range of bioprocess boxes has been created specifically to ensure they remain hygienic, do not absorb contaminants, and are lightweight – to address these exact needs.
ALLpaQ’s range are not just economical to purchase, they weigh less which means they’re cheaper to ship and, because they’re stackable, they take up less room when in use. They’re also foldable when not in use, so they take up even less room – all of which means they’re cheaper to store.
Now that’s thinking inside the box!

Putting the logic in logistics

Stack ’em, ship ’em, then fold ’em up and collapse ’em when you’re done – to minimise logistics costs.
When you’re shipping bulk – it clearly makes sense to be able to save space and weight – because it’ll also save you time and money. Also, because our boxes are collapsible, it makes them easier to clean down. That’s going to save you time and some of the cost of cleaning products. Like our boxes – the savings stack up!
ALLpaQ Plastic bioprocess totes - thinking inside the box - Tote sizes

Accustomed to customising for the customer

We know that one size does not fit all – so, as well as making sure that our plastic bioprocess boxes are as versatile and as flexible as can be, we also offer them in a range of sizes that are, we think, suitable for any occasion.
But, even so, we appreciate that the needs of bioprocess change, depending on the stage in the process and, of course, depending on the nature of the fluids you’re producing, storing or shipping.
You may need a customised solution. Fortunately, we’re accustomed to customising. When your problems are unique, our solutions will be unique.
That’s why ALLpaQ will consult with you, to create an efficient, streamlined solution to your containment need, every step of the way.
The process is simple enough:

  • We discuss with you a plan to achieve your business goals in a cost-effective manner
  • We develop products specific to your needs We enter the trial phase.
  • Full implementation of the agreed plan
  • Full implementation of the agreed plan
  • Ongoing customer care, services, consultancy and maintenance

Customised containers drive further efficiencies, process capabilities, space and logistics optimisation. Let’s design and implement systems against the requirements of your process and facility. 

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And if that lot doesn’t box-off every question or concern you might have about plastic bioprocess boxes – drop an email into our inbox, or give us a call – we thrive on a challenge!
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