Plastic banknotes: the colour of money

posted by Phill Allen

September, 12th, 2014

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Polymer five pound noteThe currency of plastic is akin to money for pharmaceutical companies when it comes to shipping media by way of ALLpaQ’s all-plastic bioprocess vessels. The lightweight, foldable design delivers operational and cost benefits along the supply chain.
Speaking of plastic and money, news broke this week that the Bank of England has appointed Basingstoke-based firm De La Rue as its preferred provider to print plastic banknotes.
The company is poised to agree a contract in October which would make it printer of the nation’s money for the next decade.
According to the Bank, polymer notes – which incidentally are already the norm in governor Mark Carney’s native Canada – will save the UK £100 million a year.
The durable design, says the Bank, will sustain for two and a half times longer than the current paper-cotton notes.
Plastic banknotes are set to go into circulation in the UK in 2016. The new currency run will get underway with a new £5 note featuring Winston Churchill, with the Jane Austen £10 note introduced a year later.

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