PhRMA manufacturers hub to showcase biopharmaceutical innovation

posted by Phill Allen

September, 01st, 2014

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phrmaThere’s perhaps no industry as innovative as the biopharmaceutical sector and PhRMA has created a new online hub to showcase developments.
The many spokes in the biopharmaceutical wheel are linked together by the hub – a centre point for information about innovation and how it shapes patients and healthcare systems.
Innovation Hub provides access to:

  • PhRMA resources related to the research and development process
  • The biopharmaceutical pipeline
  • Progress fighting diseases such as hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s, cancer and HIV/AIDS

A hub of pharma innovation

PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, represents the country’s leading biopharmaceutical researchers and biotechnology companies.
The visually impressive website boasts high levels of user interactivity with infographics, videos, charts, and timelines.
Check out the hub here

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