Pharmaceutical Tugs For Plastic & Steel Containers

posted by Phill Allen

May, 22nd, 2020

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ALLpaQ’s innovative pharmaceutical tug range has been developed to enable you to safely move intermediate bulk containers, heavy vessels and equipment in sterile pharmaceutical production environments. Improve compliance. Improve manual handling. Improve your bioprocess.

Standard Dollies

Protect staff, achieve compliance and ensure expensive products aren’t contaminated or damaged with ALLpaQ Standard Dollies.
ALLpaQ standard dollies ease the transportation and manual handling of bioprocess totes in operation and confined spaces.

Dollies and Load Cells

Protect staff, achieve compliance and ensure expensive products aren’t contaminated or damaged with ALLpaQ Dollies and Load Cells.
Available in both plastic and stainless steel, this solution is perfect for transporting and weighing liquids during filling and discharging.


Looking for a versatile solution to move small totes around your production facility? Multi-use product Pally comes with smart castors which retract back into the deck when you’ve finished moving the tote, instantly becoming a stable pallet base.
With it’s smooth deck that is easy to clean off, simply push the footbar and your good old Pally will become a dolly again.

Robo Tote

As industries look to more efficient automation in the warehouse environment, ALLpaQ are busy designing solutions for the movement of valuable pharmaceutical media within the internal logistics environment.
Robo Tote, developed with our robotics partner, will move your warehouse operation into the future.

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