One and Done: Single Use Bioprocess Bags from ALLpaQ

posted by Phill Allen

May, 24th, 2019

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ALLpaQ’s range of stackable and foldable bioprocess totes are compatible with single use bags. In fact, we have it in the bag when it comes to single use bioprocess bags for the preparation, storage and transport of biopharmaceutical solutions, biologic liquids, intermediates and final bulk products.
ALLpaQ’s fleet of pharma totes already optimise up and downstream bioprocessing as they are designed to save valuable space in storage and shipment.
So why not supercharge your supply chain with single use bioprocess bags which deliver a potent alternative to traditional glass, stainless steel and rigid plastic carboys.
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Single Use Bioprocessing Bags

Single Use Systems (known as S.U.S.) and Single Use Components (S.U.C.) are an increasingly popular technology which have rapidly become an essential ingredient in pharmaceutical production.
Shorter production runs of ever-more specialised biologics means that the old methodology of cleaning and sterilising stainless steel systems has become a waste of not only time but also cleaning products and your personnel’s skills.
Replacing all that with a disposable one-and-done system frees essential professionals from the drudgery of wiping-up in the lab, so they can continue the important work of wiping-out illness and infection in the world.
Also, with the need to frequently adapt the production process or retool the lab for a different process, labs and manufacturers have found that disposable Single Use Systems are simply more flexible and easily adjustable to changes in product, supply and demand.

Going Single Use – The Number One Solution

From the freezer to the beaker to the chemical reactor, single use can now produce an uninterrupted disposable flow through your bioprocess stream.
The world-wide single use bioprocess market was worth £2.2 billion in 2016, and is predicted to have risen to £7.33 billion by 2023. So, this isn’t a new, untried technology – it is central to the efficiency and productivity of the entire biological sciences and pharmaceuticals sector.

Counting Down the Benefits

So, Single Use Systems and Accessories can:
1: Improve productivity
2: Ensure quality
3: Enhance manufacturing efficiency
4: Add flexibility
5: Reduce costs
Now you see why everyone is turning to single use.

Let’s Get Together Over Single Use

Our single use bags are designed to work at optimum efficiency with Totes – ensuring you get a guaranteed performance from your components.
Visit our website to learn more about our Cleanroom Totes or our range of revolutionary Genesis Shipping Totes.
Or, if you want to talk Single Use, call +44 (0) 1472 800 373 or email email

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