Wyan Reus

Wyan Reus  1st

Business Development Manager

Talks about #traveling, #challenges, #opportunities, and #football

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Hello, I am Wyan …

No challenge is too big. I’m always aiming for the best results for myself and, most importantly, for my customers.

I love travelling around and meeting new customers across the world. I thrive in a dynamic work environment where I get to interact with all kinds of different personalities. This means that no two days are alike, just like no two customers are alike.

I enjoy a challenge, because there is always a new door that opens. I’m not afraid to dare and try new things, because that’s always a chance to learn.

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn

ALLpaQ has offered me a chance to leave my comfortable environment and seize new opportunities.

I love being able to close a deal with a customer and for them to be so delighted, they come back with more requests. I look forward to being able to develop that kind of relationship with ALLpaQ customers.

Family and friends. They are always there for me, in good times or bad.

There was the time I boarded the wrong plane and woke up on the wrong continent. Lesson: check twice, fly once.

Football is my main hobby,

When I am on the field, playing, I feel like I could beat the whole Premier League but, when I see the playback afterwards, all I see is a bunch of helpless chickens running around chasing a ball.

Besides that, I like to go out for Techno music festivals or travelling around with friends.

I am Asian but I can’t eat with chopsticks!


Time travel – So I could pack even more into a day.