Tammy Ellis

Tammy Ellis  1st

Office Manager

Talks about #career, #training, #family, #compassion and #values

Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Tammy …

Working at ALLpaQ helps me achieve anything and everything I wish for, to be able to go further in my career and build on my knowledge. I really appreciate the opportunities offered me for training, to learn new skills and, therefore, take on more responsibilities.

ALLpaQ is like being part of a big family and working for such an amazing company is one of the best feelings. There’s no such thing as the Monday Morning Blues here, as we all love coming to work.

This really is a great team to work with – and that comes right from the top. I particularly admire Kirsten Goddard, her approach to work and to supporting her staff has changed my outlook on a lot of things. Her compassion for others and work ethic are truly inspiring. I like to think I carry her values into everything I do.

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Working at ALLpaQ is like being part of one big family. Even if I’m having an off day, as soon as I walk through the door I’m greeted with smiles and genuine care.

To value my self worth, I have learned how to overcome shyness more effectively and am more open to others.

Passing my Level 1 and 2 Accounts Bookkeeping course, and finally passing my most recent course which was an Office Manager Diploma.

My mother inspires me. She is strong and independent. She put all of her qualities into my upbringing which made me the person I am today.

ALLpaQ is like a big family and every family has that one person who likes jumping out and scaring you as you walk past. It’s really funny when you hear a colleague scream then laugh somewhere in the building. It’s all done in good humour and it helps make the atmosphere more relaxed.

I enjoy long walks with the kids, going on adventures every weekend and finding new places to explore. I also enjoy swimming.

My favourite ice-cream flavour is Rum and Raisin. That goes back to when I was young because I thought I was being naughty ordering alcohol. Still is my favourite, to this day!

Wonder Woman of course! As a child, I used to love watching Lynda Carter spinning around.

To be able to travel to the past, not to change history but just to explore.