Scott Graves

Scott Graves  1st

Global Sales Director

Talks about #sales, #excellence, #leadership, #mentalhealth and #customercentricity

Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Scott …

I have over 30 years of sales experience, since starting my career as a trainee sales rep. Since then, I’ve managed blue chip accounts and built entire sales teams. I eventually rose to Vice President of International Sales, managing sales in various countries around Europe.

My passion is in training, coaching and the development of sales people – which is why, now I part of the ALLpaQ family, I will be building an academy.

This will ensure that all personnel get to follow a mentor programme, benefit from continuous learning and in-field coaching programmes all to ensure that everyone is fully-trained, competent, engaged and motivated within their roles. 

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email or visit my LinkedIn page.

The family feel of the business and how everybody here strives to do their best for the good of the business and to support their colleagues

The level of ambition within the ALLteaM to remain innovative and to constantly look for ways to improve, either from an operational angle or through suggestions to improve products and processes.

Although I’ve been a friend of the business since its very beginning, I’ve only actually worked here for a few months; so, my goal is to bring a stronger structure to the sales department and I would like to think that’s already starting to take shape.

Too many to mention. There are people out there who have so many hurdles or challenges to overcome, yet nothing stops them.

Recently, I was watching the inspirational footage of Martin Hibbert, who was paralysed in the Manchester Arena bomb explosion. His attitude and his achievements since that terrible day are remarkable. How can anybody ignore that?

The funniest story I’ve heard, so far, was from a colleague who – after the Christmas party – managed to get himself locked in a KFC overnight.

Following Everton is my great passion – and being a collector of Stone Island. I’m building a following on Instagram, come and join the fun: @stonedlove1982

I once commentated on an Everton match for Sky Sports.

Hong Kong Phooey.

I’d love to be able to see into the future.