Kirsten Goddard

Kirsten Goddard  1st

ALLpaQ Group Finance Director

Talks about #finance, #community, #leadership, #teamwork and #environment

Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Hello, I’m Kirsten …

As ALLpaQ’s Finance Director, I ensure our financial wellbeing, our profitability and our ongoing sustainability.

My role includes overseeing our Quality Management Systems, embedding modern technology, incorporating best business practices and reducing our environmental impact.

I’m also heavily involved in supporting communities through outsourcing locally, as well as with ALLpaQ’s charitable engagement.

Last and certainly not least, I am focussed on developing and retaining our greatest assets, which is critical to our continued growth, namely: our people.

I couldn’t be prouder of our ALLteaM – who embrace our environmental goals with enthusiasm. They are closely involved with our local communities’ initiatives and amaze me with innovative ways to improve our processes. 

If you’d like to get in touch, drop me an email or visit my LinkedIn page.

The people in the ALLpaQ team and the people we work closely with. Watching the ALLteaM support each other in their personal and business growth never ceases to inspire me.

It’s not about what qualifications you have, but about your willingness to learn new things and be part of a team.

Being a key part of our dynamic, fast growing, international business and, particularly, the work we did during the pandemic – which reinforced ALLpaQ’s value to global life sciences.

My inspiration is the loyalty, hard work and engagement of our people, whose values and ethics we adopted. Their approach to training and personal growth means our next generation of leaders is in place.

I love to paint, recently picking up the paint brush again after 20 years. My dream, for when I retire from ALLpaQ, is to become a full time artist and sell my paintings.

Shuri – from the Black Panther movies. She’s incredibly intelligent, beautiful and strong.

The power to heal.