Magicking-up the containment standard for customisation

posted by Phill Allen

November, 09th, 2015

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From the outside, you’d be forgiven for thinking of a bioprocess container as a mere box. Yet it is this box – or magic box – which transports valuable fluids, buffers and media along your in-process storage and handling supply chain.
Magicking-up the containment standard for customisation
Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to effective fluid handling? The answer is no. As with Cinderella’s glass slipper, customisation is often required to ensure your bioprocess containers slip seamlessly onto your supply chain.
It’s worth it, though. It’s really worth it. Containment solutions designed to link up with your supply chain drive production continuity, heightened hygiene, commercial cost benefits and manual handling compliance.
With fiscal and environmental sustainability atop of most boardroom agendas, it is perhaps little surprise that increasing numbers of biopharmaceutical managers question whether off-the-shelf steel containment solutions are flexible enough to meet their diverse demands.
The pendulum is therefore swinging towards the ALLpaQ all-plastic customisable container. The adaptable design, which comes as standard, means the units can stacked and folded. This, in turn, eases cleaning and handling, saving space in storage and shipment.
Crucially, the units can also be customised prior to entry into your operations. Having gotten to grips with your project requirements, modifications to standard and bespoke volumes will ensure the shoe always fits the foot.
Here’s how it works:

Customisation in the bag

The challenge: Take a standard off-the-shelf 1000 litre steel bioprocess container. It’s a fair bet you’ve purchased this unit because it is ready-made to accommodate standard bag chambers from your primary supplier.
Yet, what happens if the consignment of bags fails quality control? Failure to invest in a second fleet of bioprocess containers means production will shut down leaving you with a pumpkin instead of a golden carriage.
The solution: ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be customised to make them suitable for different bags. And, if we know your primary and secondary bag suppliers prior to project commencement, we can modify the units to ensure compatibility with both. This might include strategically introducing holes or raising the sidewall height.
Doing so protects production continuity, meaning you’ll deliver on time to your end user, building confidence and repeat business.

Become a bioprocess detective

The challenge: When transporting valuable media along your storage and shipment supply chain, security and asset tracking is a head-scratcher.
The solution: Generate free advertising and protect assets by screen printing your brand onto the containers. The units can also be sequentially numbered for traceability. This way, if a portion of your fleet is unaccounted for, you can quickly locate the customer who had them last. Columbo always gets his man.

The argument stacks up

The challenge: Weighty containers are hard to handle, sucking up space in warehousing and costs in shipment.
The solution: In addition to offering Fort Knox levels of protection, ALLpaQ containers stack and fold as standard. This saves valuable warehouse floor space whilst reducing shipment charges. And, because the units are lightweight and foldable, operators find them easier to handle and clean.

Consultancy is our custom

Your business, as with Cinderella’s foot, is unique. Unlike her leggy fairytale though, you won’t need a miracle to ensure your containers meet the requirements of stakeholders.
It takes a sprinkling of strategic fairy dust. The magic is conjured up during the pre-project phase. Here we’ll define whether your containers require customising, readying you to take huge steps towards supply chain optimisation.
The ALLpaQ bioprocess magic box contains all the tools needed to customise our storage and shipping range around your operational needs.
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