ALLpaQ acquires the Made in Britain mark

posted by Phill Allen

April, 28th, 2021

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ALLpaQ is proud to announce membership of the Made in Britain organisation. This is a big step for the market leader in the design of pharma containers and fluid management solutions. 

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark. ALLpaQ, with its head offices and lead production facility in Widnes, Cheshire, fabricates solutions for markets at home and around the world. The company exports to Europe, Scandinavia, the USA, South East Asia and beyond. 

ALLpaQ’s managing director, Phill Allen, said his company was “proud” to have acquired the Made in Britain membership. Describing it as a sign of ALLpaQ’s British manufacturing credentials, he added: “The business, whilst operating in global markets, started right here in Britain. It has since grown its footprint around the UK and the rest of the world.”

With production plants around the UK, ALLpaQ’s in-house team empowers scientists to solve complex daily challenges. From discovery, development, clinical testing to manufacturing, their research and drug development process is unique.

“That’s why we deliver the customisation you need to optimise your in-process supply chain from clinical development stages through to commercial scale. It’s our mission to increase your in-process productivity.” 


By applying the Made in Britain collective mark to ALLpaQ, Mr Allen said buyers at home and abroad “will know all of our products and solutions are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards”. 


More about ALLpaQ
ALLpaQ’s innovative plastic tote range ushers in a new era of fluid management. Stackable and collapsible, the design saves valuable space in processing, storage and shipment. The range has since expanded to optimise all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits. 

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More About Made in Britain 
The Made in Britain mark is accredited to businesses that sell goods that have been manufactured or have undergone a final substantial change in Britain before sale. You can check your eligibility to apply here.

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