Lightweight Bioprocess Totes: New Year, New USP

posted by Phill Allen

January, 16th, 2020

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A New Year is a time to try out new things. For a lot of us, both businesses and individuals, it’s a chance to lose a little weight.
Well, at ALLpaQ, we know all about helping you to reduce some logistics weight, so you can stop losing pounds (and dollars and euros) when shipping ill-fitting, heavy bioprocess totes. Plastic containers are lighter and, therefore, can be cheaper to ship than steel containers.
We understand that our single-use bags are your primary packaging. Our expertise lies in conforming to that packaging, to ensure you get the best, most efficient, most hygienic and safest secondary packaging for those bags.
You’ll find that it’s safe to put your bioprocess eggs in our baskets!

ALLpaQ – we’re real lightweights.

Plastic containers which are stackable and foldable, when empty, can save you serious money in shipping them up and down your supply chain. Our Genesis AIR totes, for example, have been designed for both fluid and non-fluid applications and they are optimised specifically to offer you the use of the entire volume.
So, there’s no wasted space and, therefore, you’re not paying full price to transport half-empty totes. Furthermore, if the whole volume is in use, the fragile bags contained within won’t be moving about, so there’s less chance of tears leading to expensive and potentially hazardous leaks.
We offer an expansive range of standard bioprocess totes with a design and fabrication team standing by to customise any solution your bioprocess requires.  

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