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October, 01st, 2021

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ALLpaQ is the market leader in the design and supply of standard and custom laboratory equipment and cleanroom accessories. As experts in fluid management, we understand how speed to market and risk mitigation are among your top concerns.

To facilitate your daily bioprocessing workflow needs, ALLpaQ fabricates a wide range of laboratory equipment and cleanroom accessories which seamlessly integrate into your upstream and downstream bioprocessing.

Alongside our pharma liquid bioprocess container solutions, our laboratory equipment and cleanroom accessories are designed and fabricated in-house. We manufacture single-use and multi-use equipment to improve your fluid management bioprocesses and to keep your cleanroom and operation stations tidy.

Vaccine production is of paramount importance and we understand your bioprocess is unique. That’s why standard won’t always cut it. As such, ALLpaQ’s in-house team of fluid management specialists designs and fabricates laboratory and cleanroom equipment, accessories and services for your cell culture media and buffer processing.

Lab equipment: Spool Trolley


Looking for a simple, clean and robust tube spool cart for your production area? The ALLpaQ Spool Trolly is a custom fabricated product.

It also comes complete with a work shelf on the rear for final prep of connectors and tube management slots along the front to keep the end of the tube always to hand.

It’s the perfect solution for your assembly and cleanroom requirements.

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Lab equipment: 2D Single-Use Bag Trays


Alongside our range of shipping, storage and in-process bioprocess liquid totes, ALLpaQ helps pharmaceutical companies optimise all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits.

Take our range of 2D single-use bag trays which go up to 50L. They are perfect for your cell culture media and buffer solutions.

Our custom solution enables the creation of trays modified to exact your process needs.

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Lab equipment: 2D Single-Use Bag Cabinets


For unrestricted and safe storage of your 2D single-use bioprocessing manaufacturing bags, ALLpaQ cabinets are designed to optimise your bioprocess, foster compliance, cleanability, customisation and ease of operator handling.

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Lab equipment: Document Holders


ALLpaQ document holders can be customised to fit non-standard applications such as bioreactors and chromatography columns.

Perfect for holding items such as logbooks, operation and validation documents.

Our in-house design and fabrication team can create bespoke holders which perfectly fit any applications in your process space. The end result? Helping you drive operational and cost benefits.

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More About Laboratory & Bioprocess Accessories For Fluid Management

Our in-house team can design and fabricate any laboratory and bioprocess accessory you need. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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