CAR-T: A Breakthrough Cancer Therapy

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March, 21st, 2022

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CAR-T is a therapy that might be a lifesaver for people with blood cancer.

Research from Cancer Specialists and Oncologists reveals that a new form of personalised treatment is showing hopeful results in adults with certain types of Leukaemia (blood cancer) which have relapsed and for whom the prognosis is not good.

There is even optimism that this breakthrough may become a treatment for lymphoma patients, too.

One researcher at University College London, Dr Claire Roddie, said the treatment was “absolutely transformative” and one of the biggest breakthroughs in decades in treating blood cancers.

This promising treatment is called CAR-T, which stands for Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapy.

What is CAR-T?

CAR-T works by reprogramming the patient’s own immune system cells.

This is why it is a ‘personalised’ treatment. T-Cells from the patient’s blood are genetically re-engineered to help them target the cancer cells more effectively.

It’s a complex procedure and still quite risky, yet it has been shown to cure certain kinds of cancer. You don’t get to see the words ‘cure’ and ‘cancer’ in the same sentence very often.

But, here it is in the NHS’ own guidance on the use of CAR-T: “it has been shown in trials to cure some patients, even those with quite advanced cancers”.

There are, however, significant side-effects, which is why this treatment has, so far, only really been considered a last resort.

But now, the research team at University College London (UCL) – along with University College Hospital – have been refining the process to make the CAR-T cells less toxic.

The hope is that this will result in the treatment being licensed for use on a wider range of cancers and, therefore, it will transform the lives of many, many more people.

Here’s how advanced genetic engineering and bioprocessing can help these patients to, essentially, heal themselves:


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