Independent bioprocess containment validation video

posted by Phill Allen

November, 17th, 2014

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ALLpaQ AIR took flight earlier this year. The latest addition to our fleet of bioprocess containers evolves the way you ship biopharmaceutical media held in environmental control.
Independent bioprocess containment validation
AIR’s strategic design ensures no spare space is wasted inside an Envirotainer RAP e2 container. This means that when your media is cruising at 35,000 feet, you’ll also be flying high as:

  • The storage space available to you has been fully optimised
  • You can transport more biopharmaceutical media per flight
  • Your organisation will see a sizeable reduction in shipping costs as well as carbon emissions

Prior to lift off, the developed prototype successfully underwent independent structural and transportation tests. These were conducted by Smithers Pira in the United Kingdom in accordance with ASTM D4169-09, Distribution Cycle 12 for air and motor freight, Assurance Level II.
AIR has been included in the standard portfolio of bioprocess containers available exclusively through ALLpaQ and its appointed distributors.
We caught the unfolding validation action on camera.

Watch bioprocess containment testing video


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