Getting to grips with manual handling and bioprocess containment

posted by Phill Allen

May, 09th, 2014

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You could be mistaken for thinking manual handling is a fancy move skidded out by a Formula One driver. In the world of bioprocess containment though, manual handling is more commonly associated with audible sighs of “heave ho” from workers.

Shifting steel bioprocess containers, whether by hand or lifting-aids such as a forklift truck, can be cumbersome at the best of times.

The movements involved on the part of your operators require that you, the employer, is duty bound to assess the risks of that particular task and lock sensible health and safety measures in place to prevent and avoid injury.

If bioprocess containers are key to ensuring the safe storage and shipment of valuable media, then protecting your business and workers from injury is equally prescient.

Complying with manual handling laws

Unlike weighty steel equivalents, ALLpaQ bioprocess containers are fabricated in plastic. This is by design as plastic bioprocess containers:

  • Enhance the profitability of your business
  • Are easier for operators to move, handle and clean

The units are also collapsible enabling operators to break them down and carry them in smaller components to a new location.

What do we mean by manual handling?

When we talk about manual handling within the context of safety and related regulations, we are typically referring to a wide variety of activities including:

  • Lifting
  • Lowering
  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Carrying

When any of these tasks are not carried out appropriately, the risk of injury is always present.
Besides putting a smile on your operators’ faces, then, introducing plastic bioprocess containers to your supply chain can help take the sweat out of manual handling tasks whilst reducing the level of risk to the user.

What to do next?

Fill in the form below to discover more about how the ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess container and pharma tug range can help your business align with the rigours of health and safety requirements.

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