Defined Tubing Routing – Is your fluid management going down the tubes?

posted by Phill Allen

December, 13th, 2019

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ALLpaQ is proud to be working with this innovative product. This is Defined Tubing Routing. DTR™ is the first mass-produced system for tackling the problem of managing your single-use tubing safely and hygienically. The modular approach used offers excellent flexibility and the robust construction needed in the pharmaceutical sector.

Spotlight on Defined Tubing Routing

As its name suggests, DTR™ was created to define the path of tubing from one piece of equipment to another. Available in most tubing dimensions – from 6mm to 28mm – with an extensive range of bends and brackets, backplates and end caps. The system improves the appearance of your facility and reduces the previously ever-present risk of trip hazards from tubing lying loose on the facility floor.

ALLpaQ customisation

ALLpaQ is all about being bespoke!
DTR™ is available in 12 different colours, meaning that you can have colours that brand with your work environment or that offer colour coding. Colour coding is a tried-and-trusted, reliable method for reducing the risk of human error, and DTR™ offers multi-colour options for specific routing.
All ALLpaQ products can be customised to your specific requirements – so, ask us how we can optimise all aspects of your up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits.

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ALLpaQ empowers scientists around the world in solving complex daily challenges. We have a proud history of designing innovative pharma solutions to help you in the day-to-day challenge of manufacturing, storing, shipping and protecting valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids. Want to talk?
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