You + ALLpaQ =

Perfect Chemistry

Our customisable units will fall into the arms of your supply chain. Love, of course, goes both ways, which is why ALLpaQ bioprocess containers will always protect your media. And, our adaptable design – which comes as standard – means the units can be stacked and folded. This eases cleaning and handling, saving space in both storage and shipment.

The Bioprocess Container of Your Dreams

Contain yourself when we tell you that ALLpaQ bioprocess containers are completely protective of valuable pharmaceutical media.

So, whether in storage or shipment, you’ll always be in safe hands. Hobbies include:

Safeguarding valuable cargo

Travelling via road, sea and air

Protecting profits & the environment

Stacking and collapsing to optimise space

Fitness to stay lightweight for ease of manual handling

Keeping my surfaces smooth and easy to clean

A perfect relationship for your supply chain

An ALLpaQ bioprocess container isn’t just for Valentine’s Day

Don’t just swipe right for the right choice – Get in touch with us to find out more about how ALLpaQ can optimise your bioprocess supply chain. You’ll love what we can do for your business.