Cold chain single-use tool tracks temperature

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April, 09th, 2015

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A new single use tool will simplify compliance and reduce costs when tracking temperature measurements during cold chain shipping according to sensor solutions firm, OCEASOFT.
Cold chain single-use tool tracks temperature
The Atlas module enables users to track temperature levels through isotherm wrapping or container walls via bluetooth technology in smartphones and tablets. Data gathered by the sensors can be uploaded to the Cloud by way of mobile technology.
The app based system, says OCEASOFT, provides a cost effective option for high-volume shipments that require hundreds or thousands of temperature-tracking modules.
“OCEASOFT Atlas is a revolutionary monitoring tool that helps companies inexpensively address multiple current and future requirements in cold-chain shipping,” explains company CEO, Laurent Rousseau.
“The ability to download information to mobile devices and then send it directly to the Dropbox or Google Drive platforms for later use is unique in devices priced this low. In addition to its cost-and-functionality benefits, its small size means it can be attached to every box of drugs being shipped, if necessary.”
OCEASOFT also offers a solution via its open platform, OCEACloud, that allows supply chain managers to integrate the data directly to information systems.
Atlas, says the company, will help the life-sciences market, the pharma industry, specialised transport and cold-chain companies simplify compliance, improve quality control and better manage costs.
Currently operating on Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets, OceaView apps are set to become available to enable smartwatch owners to read the recorders directly.

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