Cleaning up cleanrooms with CleanstaQ bioprocess containers

posted by Phill Allen

August, 14th, 2017

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Want more room in your cleanroom? ALLpaQ’s CleanstaQ solution allows you to build a bank of storage containers in multiple stacks of two to three. The revolutionary design means once assembled there is no need to transport, lift or lower the containers for access. Each container has independent accessibility which can be integrated into a single production process.
Based upon the 800 x 600 footprint, CleanstaQ:

  • Can be disassembled for easy access when cleaning and is developed for manufacturing user interface.
  • Is the ultimate in cleanroom optimisation and efficiency.
  • Is designed to replace 200 L drums that take up a lot of cleanroom floor space and are often unstable

Ready to clean up your bioprocess?

To find out how ALLpaQ cleanroom containers massively reduce costs and optimise bioprocesses, let’s talk:


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