Why ALLpaQ has joined Business Declares

posted by Kirsten Goddard

November, 17th, 2022

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Business Declares a climate and ecological emergency!

The next 5 years will be critical in making an impact on the course our planet will take. This isn’t a drill – this is the time to take action, both on an individual level and as a business.

At ALLapQ, we understand that making a difference right now is vital. That is why we have joined Business Declares, the fast-growing network of businesses all determined to do their bit by uniting with other businesses to strengthen and broaden the demand for change in how we do business.

As we discuss on our dedicated Business Declares page – this is an extremely powerful campaign and ALLpaQ is proud to be a part of it.

Signing up to Business Declares is an opportunity for us to show a united front and demonstrate our commitment to accelerating action in addressing the big issues. The only way we can make any sort of real change is if we work together.

Becoming part of the Business Declares network is a great place to start, to feel connected and to learn from other businesses who share our vision.

What is Business Declares?


Business Declares is a fast-growing network of businesses dedicated to accepting that action is needed to tackle the climate emergency – to taking what action they can – and to encouraging other businesses to do likewise.

Business Declares raises awareness across the business sector of the imperative to accelerate action to address climate change, biodiversity loss and social injustice.

Part of that is to welcome and celebrate companies who declare. It’s a coalition of the willing looking to collaborate and accelerate action by collectively calling for change.

Businesses face complex challenges, Business Declares helps by openly discussing those challenges, to push boundaries and help find solutions.

Learn more about what they do at their official website.

What does this commitment mean to ALLpaQ?

At ALLpaQ, we have always been pioneers. We lead from the front with the products we manufacture, the service we offer and the way we support our colleagues.

It’s only right, then, that we take the initiative to understand how we, as a producer of plastic products, are contributing to the climate and ecological emergency and take very real steps to combat the impact we’re having.

Becoming a member of Business Declares is our way of showing we are serious and want to make an immediate difference.


How does Business Declares fit into ALLpaQ’s wider goals?

This is a business-wide commitment. We’ve already made real headway in clarifying our sustainability goals and developing a clear Net Zero pathway with a defined environmental policy and action plan. You can find out what we’re doing about that, in detail, in this article.

Hopefully, by being completely transparent about this, we can offer some guidance to other businesses in our sector, too – because part of our responsibility is to spread awareness and lead the way in making changes.

Ultimately, making this commitment publicly through Business Declares holds us accountable to fulfil what we have set out to do. And that’s good for the future of both our business and our customers’ businesses.

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