ALLpaQ joins BITA, the British and Irish Trading Alliance

posted by Phill Allen

April, 29th, 2021

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ALLpaQ, a specialist packaging company, has joined non-profit membership organisation, the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA).

Founded almost 10 years ago with a mission to strengthen trade between Britain and Ireland, BITA prides itself on having a friendly, driven and diverse group of like-minded professionals. The alliance encourages its 400+ members to build relationships that generate business, through networking, educational and social events. This is something that many professionals have missed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing businesses together from a wide range of industries and sectors, BITA welcomes newest member ALLpaQ. Exporting worldwide, the market leader in pharma containers and fluid management has a lead production facility in Widnes, Cheshire.

“ALLpaQ is proud to become a BITA business. The organisation successfully brings UK and Irish companies together to create opportunities for trade, so we are excited to join the community. BITA are championing online events at the moment, and we are very much looking forward to attending.”

Phill Allen

With production plants around the UK, ALLpaQ’s in-house team have embarked on a new era of fluid management. The company’s proud history of designing innovative pharma totes and bioprocess solutions, along with a new range, helps scientists to manufacture, store, ship and protect valuable media, buffers and liquids.

Their unique process optimises all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing, to drive operational and cost benefits. With customisation at the heart of the project, Mr Allen explains: “It’s our mission to increase in-process productivity and optimise supply chains, from clinical development stages all the way to commercial scale.”

By wearing the BITA stamp, ALLpaQ will enhance its business connections and become more recognised for its impressive range of products and solutions, that are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards. 


More about ALLpaQ

ALLpaQ empowers scientists around the world in solving complex daily challenges. The company’s innovative plastic tote range ushers in a new era of fluid management. Stackable and collapsible, the design saves valuable space in processing, storage and shipment.

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More About the British and Irish Trading Alliance (BITA) 

BITA promotes and grows its member businesses; successfully increasing trade, creating opportunities for business, and improving the relationship between the UK and Ireland. Helping members achieve their goals, BITA works with its 400+ members to create pipelines and opportunities for SMEs to work with supporters and patrons who often head large multi-nationals.   

Become a BITA business here

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An in and outside the (bioprocess) box thinker, fluid management specialist Phill knows a thing or two about keeping pharma liquid logistics flowing.

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