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posted by Phill Allen

July, 09th, 2015

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Dear biopharmaceutical manager,
Prepare to be swept off your feet. You’ve just found your soulmate. The ALLpaQ plastic bioprocess container is the perfect containment match to transport valuable fluids, buffers and media along your in-process storage and handling supply chain.
The customisable units fit snuggly into the arms of your supply chain. Love, of course, goes both ways. As such, the ALLpaQ bioprocess container will always protect your media. And its adaptable design, which comes as standard, means the units can be stacked and folded. This eases cleaning and handling, saving space in storage and shipment.
Contain your love and check out my online dating profile. Go ahead, you know you want to.
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Let’s do it: let’s fall in love

Set up a first date to find out more about how ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can optimise your pharmaceutical storage and shipment supply chain.
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