Bioprocess totes: are you into single use?

posted by Phill Allen

November, 08th, 2018

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Available in a wide range of standard and custom capacities ranging from 50L up to over a mammoth 1000L, ALLpaQ bioprocess totes are a hygienic, foldable, stackable, cost-effective alternative for your fluid management needs.
Bioprocess totes: are you into single use?
Let’s take a look at what our bioprocess tote fleet could do for your life science business…

Customised bioprocess totes to suit your needs

When it comes to fluid handling systems, knowledge is power. So is a streamlined consultation process which allows you to achieve your business goals.
Following a product development and trial stage, a plan will be implemented. This will take your containers from the initial boxing of the product, right through to delivery and the return.
Throughout, you will receive ongoing customer care, as well as consultancy and maintenance.

All the benefits of steel containers at a fraction of the cost

Steel totes are commonly used within distribution and transportation, but one of the downsides is its weight, amounting to extra cost both on the outward and return journeys.
Plus, industry demand for single-use is driving life science and biopharmaceutical companies to reconsider the practicalities of stainless steel containment.
ALLpaQ plastic containers offer all the benefits of steel, but weigh much less. They have also been designed to be foldable and stackable, meaning less space is needed to store them too.
Plastic is also hygienic which is a crucial factor in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science totes.

Tick the right bioprocess boxes

Your business isn’t a cookie cutter design, so why should your containers be? ALLpaQ offers fully customised containers, further driving efficiencies, process capabilities, space and logistics optimisation.
Optimise fluid handling, distribution and protection of high-value media with a range that is fully compatible with all bag types. Here is everything you need to know:
Genesis totes: Whether used in shipment via land, sea and air or placed in storage, Genesis drives operational & economic benefits. Find out more
Cleanroom totes: Hygienically designed Cleanroom containers fold for efficient storage with open access to the drain tubes. Smooth sides make for ease of cleaning and validation. Find out more
Topdrain totes: Designed for applications requiring the filling and emptying of 3D bags, Topdrain secures the storage of media. Find out more

More about fluid management

To see how our fluid management container systems could help your business, why not get in touch?
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