Bioprocess containment systems: Genesis AIR

posted by Phill Allen

November, 25th, 2015

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Bioprocess containment systems: Genesis Air

Evolve the way you ship biopharmaceutical media held in environmental control with the Genesis AIR bioprocess containment system.

AIR’s strategic design ensures no spare space is wasted inside an Envirotainer RAP e2 container. This means that when your media is cruising at 35,000 feet, you’ll also be flying high as:

  • The storage space available to you has been fully optimised
  • You can transport more biopharmaceutical media per flight
  • Your organisation will see a sizeable reduction in shipping costs as well as carbon emissions

Technical Data

External Dimensions (metric) mm 1155 x 955 x 1097
External Dimensions (imperial) inch 45.5 x 37.6 x 43.2
Folded Height metric/imperial 629mm / 24.8”
Internal Dimensions (metric) metric 1060 x 835 x 750
Internal Dimensions (imperial) inch 41.7 x 40.1x 29.5
Maximum Dynamic load kg/lbs 2250 kg / 4960 lb
Maximum Static load kg/lbs 4360 kg / 9612 lb
Maximum stack Dynamic 1 + 1
Maximum stack Static 1 + 3
Tare Weight kg/lb 100 kg / 220 lb
Volume litres 600
Product Code 4440650

Download Technical Data Sheet

User manual

View and download your user manual for everything you need to know about ALLpaQ AIR bioprocess containment systems.



What to do next?

Find out more about how ALLpaQ AIR bioprocess containment systems allows companies to double the load during airfreight, generating huge cost savings and operational efficiencies.

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