Bioprocess containers: what do you call yours?

posted by Phill Allen

November, 10th, 2021

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Bioprocess containers. They are part of your supply chain family. You see them every day. You break bread with your colleagues about the latest Netflix smash whilst they quietly listen in. Your bioprocess containers are loyal. They are there to help you manufacture, store and ship valuable fluid media.

So, prey tell, what do you actually call them? At ALLpaQ, we bestow the moniker of ‘bioprocess containers’ to our product range. On occasion, we’ll call them Al Pacinno on account of them being the God Father of plastic containment and, of course, because the ‘Al’ and ‘P’ are a close mirror to ‘ALLpaQ’… ALLpacinnO works too, come to think of it.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the past decade innovating fluid management though, it’s that our customers and suppliers don’t always call them ‘bioprocess containers’… or ALLpacinnO for that matter. 

To ratchet in another Pacinno reference, we could play Devil’s Advocates and say everybody is wrong. When you say hello to your little friend, they are ‘bioprocess containers’. 

This statement would rightly draw Heat because, of course, what you call them is up to you. 

Ok, Pacinno references are done. Let’s call it a (dog day) afternoon.

The product with many different names

Language is a thing of beauty. It’s universally unique. Indeed, we are the arbitrators of our own naming conventions when it comes to bioprocess containers 😆. 

So it is that we’ve rounded up some of the more popular definitions that ride the wave of air across the good vibrations of our customers and suppliers’ vocal cords.  

Here’s what they had to say:

Bioprocess totes 
Bioprocessing totes 
Cleanroom totes 
Fluid management container 
Pharma totes 
Shipping totes 
Liquid totes 
Bulk liquid totes

Liquid tote containers 
Plastic liquid totes Intermediate bulk container
Liquid Intermediate bulk container
Shoe boxes
Secondary packaging
Outer packaging
John Stapleton

There you have it!  There’s no ‘you call it tomato, I call it tomato’ here. Everyone has their own preferred namesake. So, we’ve told you ours, you tell us yours…

More about ALLpaQ bioprocess containers

That’s right, we called them bioprocess containers. We like to be different, though. And our packaging solutions are certainly different. Take the flagship shipping range, Genesis Bioprocess Containers. They are masterfully designed to stack and fold for storage. 

Designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry, Genesis containers are reusable, featuring smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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An in and outside the (bioprocess) box thinker, fluid management specialist Phill knows a thing or two about keeping pharma liquid logistics flowing.

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