Bioprocess containers: customisation in the bag

posted by Phill Allen

September, 04th, 2015

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Bioprocess containers FAQ:

bioprocess containers
Question) Can ALLpaQ bioprocess containers be customised prior to entry into our in-process operations to fit an array of bag chambers?
Answer) Yes, customisation comes as standard with our bioprocess container range. There are multiple reasons why businesses such as yours might want to customise the units. Many companies, for example, purchase off-the-shelf steel bioprocess containers as they are ready-made to accommodate standard bag chambers from their primary suppliers.
Yet, things can quickly hit the buffers should the consignment of bags fail quality control. Failure to invest in a second fleet of bioprocess containers means production will shut down.
ALLpaQ bioprocess containers, on the other hand, can be customised to make them suitable for different bags. And, if we know your primary and secondary bag suppliers prior to project commencement, we can modify the units to ensure compatibility with both. This might include strategically introducing holes or raising the sidewall height.
Doing so protects production continuity, meaning you’ll deliver on time to your end user, building confidence and repeat business.

Building boxes, building business

Talk to one of our fluid handling specialists for more about how the ALLpaQ bioprocess container range can be customised to enhance your in-process supply chain.
Email or call: +44 (0) 1472 800 373

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