Here at ALLpaQ, we are the originators of all-plastic shipping bioprocess containers. We are continually raising the bar when it comes to custom packaging and accessories to optimise your complex scientific workflows. Take a look at some of our most popular product developments from this year.


500L Stainless Steel and Plastic Hybrid Tote

With the exclusive 500L Stainless Steel Hybrid Tote, we threw away the old design handbook to lead the way once more. Designed to meet the challenges of our customers, our in-house tech team has delivered a solution that is a quantum leap ahead of any standard stainless steel tote design on the market!

So what is innovative about the 500L Stainless Steel Hybrid Tote? Firstly, the ‘Dynamic Door’ which was designed by ALLpaQ and delivered to the market back in 2018. This eliminates bacteria traps such as hinges, catches and locks. We’ve now improved this again, by utilising transparent material to provide an excellent view window.

Secondly, and most importantly, our plastic base is removable and interchangeable. So, not only is this unit much easier to clean, if your production requires a change to new validated bags with different bottom drain port positions, simply drop in a new ALLpaQ Hybrid base that we will design to match your new configuration.

This results in a single tote with many drain port possibilities. We also have a unique insert for our standard stainless steel dolly that allows it to work with both our plastic Cleanroom totes and our new Hybrid tote.

Resoundingly positive feedback from industry ranges from it being hailed as ‘a very striking solution’ to ‘much more hygienic than standard designs’.


UV Stabilised 2d tray cabinets

High levels of UV radiation can damage the cellular structure of biopharmaceutical solutions in their single-use bags. Therefore, it’s crucially important to protect them both from the physical damage that can come from handling, as well as the cellular damage that can come from UV light.

Following a client request, ALLpaQ resolved this challenge by designing and introducing to the market a range of UV Stabilised 2D Tray Cabinets. Let’s shine a (safe) light on some of the features:

Trays can be stacked one above another or used with our 2D Tray Cabinet for ease of movement around your facility.

A pair of external handles allows for safe manual handling – as we cannot make hand holes in the sides because that would let in the light.

Sliding access gate on the front edge for connecting to your tube set when draining, keeping the light out when closed.

An optional slope insert tray for maximum efficiency during the draining process.

Available in 5, 10, 20 and 50L solutions, we can serve up any tray for you.


UV Stabilised 2d tray cabinets

Over many years, we have produced and supplied a number of 2D tray cabinets and harvest carts, all to a similar flat shelf design. Our newest plastic Harvest Cart solution comes complete with curved PP trays to hold your 2D bag better by being closer to its filled shape. The sides also have vent holes in the whole height which reduces the gross weight, making it easier to manoeuvre. Nice.

Available for bags of 5L to 50L and with 3, 4 or 5 shelves, we now have a new plastic solution to deliver to the market. Fabricated from PP, we can also offer individual branding by harnessing the power of our UV printing service for logos, SKUs and tray definition.


5th Generation shipping totes

Building on over a decade of innovations and improvements, our fifth generation of shipping totes combine everything that our customers have told us they need to make these containers as versatile, efficient and easy-to-use as possible. This latest iteration of our flagship bioprocess shipping container features a sliding access door to the tube storage compartment at the bottom.

As part of our continuous development, we wanted to address the fact that some customers have reported breakages to the drop-down tube access doors when operators have failed to close them properly. The sliding door resolves this issue and demonstrates our lead-from-the-front mentality.


500 plus bioprocess containers

500 PLUS is the child to our popular shipping and cleanroom containers. 500 PLUS was born to meet the ever-evolving needs of the biotechnology sector. Following 14 months of development, 500 PLUS brings some fantastic and unique features to our industry-leading shipping and cleanroom bioprocess container range.

Plus points of the 500 PLUS, include:

Unrivaled visibility thanks to custom view window

Compatible with our standard 500L products

Drop door on long side for maximum access for bag fitting

The results are proof, once again, that our ALLteaM are the originators and innovators setting the standard for others to follow.


ALLpaQ is your tote-all fluid management provider

In-house capabilities include:

Design, fabrication, testing and delivery of bioprocess containers and accessories

Consultation and CAD team

Welding and fabrication team

Largest standard product range in the world

Ability to create any custom packaging and accessory solutions

IP holders

Developing new product concepts

ISO 9001:2015 accredited

With full in-house design and production capabilities, ALLpaQ can produce a solution to any challenge you face. These new products demonstrate our skills in listening, conceptualising, designing, fabricating and delivering our customers’ exact requirements.