B1G1 – How Your ALLpaQ Purchase Can Make a B1G Difference

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April, 08th, 2022

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ALLpaQ is proud to be part of the B1G1 initiative – the charity that helps businesses contribute to hundreds of high-impact projects around the world, simply by doing what they’re already doing.

B1G1 stands for ‘Buy One, Give One’ and it’s a very simple process whereby every time you purchase a select bioprocess container from us, you also do some good in the world.

It’s important to us, at ALLpaQ, to be able to share our success with others. This is why, every month, members of ALLpaQ team choose a charity that’s close to their hearts that we support through a donation. You can learn more about that here.

B1G1 allows us (and you) to expand this good work to global scale. Everytime you buy any 1000L, 500L or 250L ALLpaQ containment solution, we’ll make a contribution to one of three incredible world-wide initiatives.

How Does B1G1 Work?

How much extra effort will this require from our customers? None at all! How much more will it cost our customers? Not a penny!

You don’t have to do anything different, to engage with this brilliant idea. All you have to do is purchase the bioprocess containers you would normally purchase.

Tammy Ellis is our ‘B1G1 b1gw1g’, and she will help our customers to make a b1g difference, by keeping track of the units purchased.

Then, each month, she will invest in the relevant projects and send you a certificate of the impacts you’ve made, simply by running your business as usual.

What B1G1 Initiatives Will Your Purchases Be Supporting?

When you purchase these select containers from ALLpaQ, you are helping with genuine endeavours to clean up, protect and future-proof the environment as well as raise a future generation that understands how precious our world is.

1000L Genesis Shipping Container

Everytime you purchase any 1000L bioprocess shipping container from ALLpaQ, your support will result in a tree sapling being planted somewhere in the world.

These new forests have a predicted success-rate of up-to 85% and, in some cases, they will also provide invaluable and sustainable income for local communities.

ALLpaQ-1000L-Genesis- Shipping-Container

500L Cleanroom Container

For every 500L Cleanroom tote bought, we will sponsor a child’s environmental learning experience for a day.

Based in Bali, the ROLE Foundation – which stands for Rivers, Oceans, Land, Ecology – offers children the chance to learn about terrestrial and marine conservation, as well as waste management.


250L Cleanroom Container

For every 250L Cleanroom tote purchased, we will provide one brick made from recycled plastic. This will help with the rebuilding of schools in Indonesia, after 400 schools were devastated by the 2018 earthquake.

Schools built this way are earthquake resistant and can last more than 100 years. Each classroom also removes 2-3 tons of plastic waste from the environment.


And here is the summary of the impacts our customers’ purchases have already made

How You Can Get Involved With B1G1

Playing your part couldn’t be simpler – just buy the revolutionary ALLpaQ bioprocess container products you would normally buy and we’ll do the rest. Then we’ll send you a certificate confirming the positive impacts your purchase has had on the world.

Learn about our full range of bioprocess containers here and help to make a b1g difference to the world.

You can also learn more about B1G1 by taking a look at their own website.

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