Are you a cleanroom freak?

posted by Phill Allen

December, 09th, 2016

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Clean freaks. It’s not a dirty word. In fact, we all know one. We’ve all met one. Maybe you are one? A friend of ours, who for the purpose of this article we’ll call Mr X, is one such person.
Are you a cleanroom freak?
Hand sanitiser, bleach and cleaning cloths are always atop of Mr X’s shopping list. Where there is a crumb, he’ll be there. When a germ threatens, he’ll fight back. Should unwanted air particles contaminate the atmosphere, he’ll open the window.
Mr X is feared by all bacteria which lurk in the shadows.
So it was yesterday that he made an interesting announcement over coffee. With a squeeze of the sanitiser bottle and a thorough rub of the hands, he detailed plans to turn his house into a cleanroom environment.
“When I’m at work in the cleanroom,” he explained, blowing a passing dust particle away from his person, “I’m at my most happy.”
“As such, I will be renovating my living quarters into a cleanroom.”
“A cleanroom?” I questioned, furrowed brows exclamating my confusion.
“Yes,” batted back Mr X, “a cleanroom.”
“Go on,” I encouraged, eyebrows remaining at high noon.
“Well,” explained Mr X, “in the biopharmaceutical setting a cleanroom is a must. It is an enclosed area which environmentally controls atmospheric contamination, temperature, pressure and, in many cases, humidity.”
Choking on my coffee, I stammer: “But where are you going to put the shower?”
“In the airlock,” he retorted, a countenance of confidence reinforced by a thumbs up.

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