Locus: wireless single-use temperature tracker with bluetooth

posted by Phill Allen

April, 19th, 2017

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Temperature monitoring is vital to preserving the cold chain during the transportation and storage of pharmaceutical products. After all, the slightest of deviations from the manufacturer’s recommended storage temperature can have a detrimental effect on the safety and effectiveness of the product.
Locus: wireless single-use temperature tracker with bluetooth
And, given that providers require data records indicating the temperature ranges during transportation, you need an effective temperature monitoring solution.

Meet Locus: your cold chain temperature monitoring solution

Locus centralises all your cold chain long-haul monitoring needs into one place. You won’t need any other equipment as the Bluetooth-Smart technology:

  • Is used to read data through packaging and conduct more intermediate control points while avoiding temperature excursions
  • Enables the capture of data from any geolocation to be stored in the Cloud and accessed from anywhere in the world

Get your cold chain management on track

  • Maintains quality: monitors the temperature of your sensitive products to help you respect cold-chain quality in health, medical, life science and transport sectors.
  • Reduces shipping costs: cost effective solution for all your short-term temperature tracking needs. No more expensive return shipping or lost devices. You can simply recycle the device when done.
  • Share your data via the cloud: use your smartphone or tablet to upload the the Cloud. You can benefit from an integrated Dropbox or GoogleDrive connectivity to access data anywhere.

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