ALLpaQ’s Stackable Process Tray

posted by Phill Allen

April, 03rd, 2020

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ALLpaQ’s Stackable Process Tray with Dust Cover is the latest addition to our family of bioprocess accessories.
We’re proud that this unique product is designed and fabricated right here in the UK by us at ALLpaQ.

The features really stack up

Our 50L stackable tray solution is UV stabilised, so it’ll help screen your valuable bioprocess media from harmful UV light.
This stackable process tray unit also allows tube access from any of the stacked trays and the top tray is protected by our custom-designed dust cover. This stackable process tray unit is available with customisable dimensions and volumes, to suit your bag configurations. It has also been fabricated to be as flexible as you need, so it can be lifted manually or with a forklift.
ALLpaQ Stackable Process Tray

Let’s improve your life (sciences).

For more information about our stackable process tray, or about protecting your valuable media from the effects of UV light, as well as our other products in this ever-expanding range, touch base on +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email, or fill in the form below:

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