ALLpaQ’s Customisable 2D Trays are Tray-mendous

posted by Phill Allen

January, 22nd, 2021

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ALLpaQ only makes totes right? Wrong!

We do, indeed, design and manufacture the ultimate in customisable bioprocess containers for storing, shipping and protecting your valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids.

But, we do so much more!

Our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies optimise all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits. 

We know that standard off-the-shelf accessories don’t always fit the bill. This is why ALLpaQ designs and fabricates laboratory and cleanroom accessories for your specific and individual cell culture media and buffer processing needs.

We call that “3D Thinking”!

Our 2D Trays are Products of 3D Thinking

ALLpaQ 2STrays3DThinking

For example: We also design and supply a range of 2D trays from 5L to 50L for use in a cabinet or on a dolly.

As with our bioprocess totes, our trays are compatible with all major bag types on the market. However, your particular lab or process may involve non-traditional bag-configurations which won’t suit standard secondary packaging.

That’s no problem at all.  ALLpaQ customised trays can be as unique as you are. Our team of bioprocess and fabrication specialists are standing by to create a custom solution. You can see what we mean, here.

Then, for unrestricted and safe storage of your 2D bags, ALLpaQ also fabricates a range of cabinets which are designed to optimise your bioprocess, foster compliance, cleanability, customisation and ease of operator handling.

As with the trays that go in them, these cabinets are entirely customisable, including options for sloping insert and dust covers and full colour branding with our state-of-the-art UV printer. Learn more about our 2D Tray Cabinets, here.

And, of course, you can check out our entire wide (and ever-expanding) range of laboratory and cleanroom accessories, right here.

Unique Solutions to your Unique Bioprocess Conundrums

If you have a particular customisation request, simply fill out the contact form, below, or track us down on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

And let’s improve your life (sciences).

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