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July, 26th, 2019

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Topdrain Totes

The argument totelly stacks up. Topdrain bioprocess totes are designed for applications requiring the filling and emptying of 3D bags. Fabricated to enhance storage capacity, Topdrain safely secures the storage of valuable media for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Topdrain Main features:

Simple changeover operation requires infrequent maintenance.
Compact design.
Improves operational efficiency.
Stackable to enhance storage capacity.
Large filtration areas giving low-pressure drops.
Working pressures up to 50 barg (A300 Series).
Quick-release filter covers and knobs for easy maintenance.
No contamination between filtered and unfiltered liquids.
Wide range of materials, sizes and accessories.
Filtration down to 10 microns.
Handle covers chamber in use – preventing accidental opening of the pressurised chamber.
Differential pressure indicators as optional extras.

Topping up your bioprocess

For applications where the requirement is for continuous flow with minimum loss of pressure, the dual filter provides quality of design and performance. The filter is of cast construction and incorporates two chambers, each containing a high-quality stainless steel basket. Flow is diverted from one chamber to the other without interruption by turning the handle, which rotates dual cylindrical cocks.

Did we mention, we also customise?

Whatever configuration you employ, whatever your cleanroom environment needs, we can customise our Topdrain totes to precisely fit your needs, because precision counts!

The first step: get in touch…

Learn more about our customisable Topdrain Totes or our range of revolutionary Genesis Shipping Totes. Or, if you want to talk Single Use:
Call +44 (0) 1472 800 373, or Email email

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