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posted by Phill Allen

June, 07th, 2019

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Press release: June 7th, 2019
ALLpaQ Packaging Group has announced the arrival of its first ‘SMART’ Tote. The technological innovation makes the ALLpaQ range of stackable and collapsible fluid management containers trackable.
The company is now inviting businesses to join them as a test partner to prove the system across Europe.
“We have now completed the technical design of our module for use with the ALLpaQ range of BioProcess Totes,” confirmed ALLpaQ managing director, Phill Allen.
The new module, which follows close collaboration with a European IOT developer, will embed into the side panel of the totes.
“The data insights generated into where your valuable products are on the logistics journey, how many totes are in operation, and when they have been emptied and folded for return transport, will usher in a new age of supply chain planning,” said Phil.

Want to become a test partner?

ALLpaQ are inviting new and existing customers to join them in proving the system across Europe.
Phill explained: “If your business is looking for new totes, or indeed has already bought one of our industry-leading solutions, and is concerned about track and trace, feel free to contact ALLpaQ and we will discuss the benefits of how ALLpaQ ‘SMART’ solutions can work for you.
For more information, contact ALLpaQ on +44 (0) 1472 800 373, or email

Press notes to editors
More about ALLpaQ

ALLpaQ empowers scientists around the world in solving complex daily challenges. We have a proud history of designing innovative pharma solutions to help you manufacturer, store, ship and protect valuable media, buffers and bioprocess liquids.
ALLpaQ’s flagship Genesis tote range ushered in a new age of fluid management. Stackable and collapsible, the innovative design saves valuable space in storage and shipment. The range has since expanded to optimise all aspects of up and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits.
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