ALLpaQ Genesis 1000 Bioprocess container totes

posted by Phill Allen

November, 05th, 2018

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The ALLpaQ Genesis 1000 is a bioprocess container tote with a difference. For starters, it is made from plastic as a opposed to steel, bringing with it a whole host of benefits over its metal counterpart for your fluid management needs.
ALLpaQ Genesis 1000 Bioprocess container totes
The container has been designed to meet the ever-changing storage and shipping requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
This is especially the case whereby haulage is concerned, as more weight means more cost. The containers are collapsible, stackable and reusable, meaning ease of use as well as being cost effective.

Hygienic bioprocess solutions

In addition to this, the containers feature smooth surfaces to inhibit bacterial growth – something which is essential when dealing with the various pharmaceutical and bioprocess industries. It’s also an important factor to consider when dealing with cleanrooms too, given the risk of contamination to both product and personnel. Check out the ALLpaQ cleanroom range here.
One of the great things about the ALLpaQ Genesis 1000 in terms of your individual business, is that it’s fully customisable to your needs. The process is very thorough from the initial consultant to support right through from delivery until product return.
Our website also contains a Bioprocess container step by step user manual, so that you can access all the information you need to know about how to use your ALLpaQ Genesis 1000 containers 24/7. This is in addition to being supported by our team throughout the entire process.

Let’s talk totes

If you’d like to experience the benefits of the ALLpaQ Genesis 1000 containers for yourself why not get in touch? Call +44 (0) 1472 800 373, email email or fill in the form below:

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