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July, 12th, 2019

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Customisable Plastic Cleanroom Totes are the future of Bioprocess.
We’ve spoken, in the past, of the value of single-use to the global bioprocess market. It’s already in the billions and rising every year – to a predicted value of £7.3 billion by 2023.
It’s inevitable, then, that hygienic and easy-to-clean products are going to find their way into your bioprocess stream.
May we suggest our all-plastic Cleanroom Totes.

Customisable Plastic Cleanroom Totes - in the laboratory

Mixing plastic solutions into your cleanroom process

Our rigid plastic totes are flexible enough to meet your cleanroom needs.
Cleanroom managers in the biotech and pharma sectors are looking closely at the practicalities of metallic solutions.
Sometimes metal is the perfect solution.
But, where plastic can offer you flexibility and savings, you really should steel yourself about going plastic.
Innovative plastic totes
ALLpaQ’s all-plastic range of rigid cleanroom totes and accessories optimise upstream media storage. They lower the profile of introducing media and buffer into the process.
Our Cleanroom Totes come in a range of sizes, including:
250 Litres – External Dimensions: 809mm x 609mm x 965mm
1000 Litres – External Dimensions: 1155mm x 1155mm x 1294mm
They are all customisable, to fit the needs and configurations of your lab and bioprocess workflow.
This eases operator handling and cleaning.

Customised plastic cleanroom totes

ALLpaQ’s lightweight totes can be customised – from size, technical modifications, to branding, the units can be optimised your exact bioprocessing needs.
The customisation process couldn’t be simpler:

  • You discuss with us the nature of your situation – the reason off-the-shelf Totes don’t fit the bill.
  • We design the perfect solution. We check back with you. When you’re happy, you okay it and we manufacture your product.
  • We manufacture and deliver your product.

ALLpaQ Customisable Plastic Cleanroom Totes - Customisation process

The first step: get in touch…

Visit our website to learn more about our Cleanroom Totes or our range of revolutionary Genesis Shipping Totes. Or, if you want to talk Single Use:
Call +44 (0) 1472 800 373
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