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March, 02nd, 2022

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Some of our customers call ALLpaQ’s products ‘Bioprocess Containers’, while some others call them ‘Totes’. Maybe they prefer to use the term ‘Intermediate Bulk Containers’, or possibly they’re more accustomed to calling them ‘Tanks’.

Whatever name biopharma customers from around the world give our secondary bioprocess containers, we at ALLpaQ are happy to talk your language.Bioprocess is, essentially, all about growing something globally significant from something vanishingly small. That’s ALLpaQ’s story, too. From our humble beginnings as one man’s plan on the Humber Bank, we have changed and grown and we now have no fewer than three workshops producing our unique bioprocess containers and accessories, with more on the way. Today Britain, tomorrow the world.

The man who formulated that plan, back in 2009 – was Phill Allen, the Managing Director and Founder of ALLpaQ Packaging.

So, Phill, what does ALLpaQ do?

“We design and manufacture bioprocess container solutions, tray solutions, cabinets and all manner of cleanroom accessories for the biotech industry. Our customers put a bag in our product; into that bag will go various different pharmaceutical media products. It could be a buffer solution or a cell culture solution. The bioprocess containers are then used in their supply chain or their manufacturing chain to create, ultimately, vaccines.

“What I believe makes us different is our pioneering work in using plastic to manufacture these products.”


And what’s so special about plastic for this application?

“There are a range of characteristics that make plastic perfect for bioprocess applications.

“Hygienically, our plastic products are very good, in terms of the ease and effectiveness of cleaning. Within the biopharma industry, hygiene is a critical factor. Using ALLpaQ bioprocess containers, which are very smooth, enables customers to clean their product very quickly and very efficiently.

“I would also highlight that plastic bioprocess containers are financially attractive, both in terms of outright asset purchase and ongoing costs.

“Similarly, there are benefits transportation-wise. Being foldable is certainly far better than trying to ship rigid containers.”

And, presumably, the environmental impact of using plastic is important?

“Everything we produce is recyclable. At the end of its life, our customers will send a product back to ALLpaQ, we will recycle it and put it back into new plastic products that meet the demands of a different industry.”

How easy is it to customise ALLpaQ products?

“We have a larger range than anybody else in the world but, even so, if you don’t see what you want, we have an incredible team of entrepreneurs who will design your solution for you and we’ll deliver a first class product.

“Everything we manufacture can be made bespoke to a customer’s requirement. So we can, for example, move the position for the drain port on the bottom of the container.

“We have also invested significantly into full colour UV printing, so we can put your logo or even your photograph on the tote – we can go to that much detail – by using this secure, scratch-resistant technology.”


Given that your bioprocess products are unique, where do you find the people needed to manufacture them?

“Our manufacturing staff are highly-trained, by us. Plastic welding is not a skill that you learn anywhere other than in industry. We train all of our plastic fabricators from scratch to manufacture our products the way that we like to manufacture them.”

Do you need customer bioprocess containers?

We think we offer the widest range of bioprocess containers in the world – but we understand that this still doesn’t guarantee we’ll have a standard product that fits your exact needs.

That’s why ALLpaQ’s in-house team of fluid management specialists will assess those needs in order to establish what solution you need and, if we don’t already provide for your exact requirements – our design and fabrication teams will fly into action to customise any existing member of our tote fleet to ensure you do get exactly what you need. Check out our customisation process here.

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