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October, 19th, 2017

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ALLpaQ Bioprocess Box Office Productions believes that great stories inspire great possibilities. Striving for the best storytelling imaginable, ALLpaQ challenges scientists around the world to imagine something different when it comes to bioprocess storage, shipping and containment.
Rewrite the rules by imagining a container designed to stack to save space. Imagine a bioprocess container so lightweight and foldable that it reduces transportation costs.

Now imagine ALLpaQ Bioprocess Box Office Productions …

ALLpaQ’s own story starts small. Initially, the team amazed audiences with a container so innovative in design that audiences presumed them to be the work of magic.The beginnings were humble. Now the all-plastic container is the choice of supply chain managers around the globe. From the small screen to the big screen, here’s a few of the wildly popular productions we’ve manufactured as of late.
ALLpaQ Bioprocess Box Office Productions

Bioprocess range

ALLpaQ supply the largest worldwide range of folding plastic bioprocess containers to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.
Check out the full customisable range

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Phill Allen

Managing Director

An in and outside the (bioprocess) box thinker, fluid management specialist Phill knows a thing or two about keeping pharma liquid logistics flowing.

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