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July, 15th, 2016

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Press release date: July 18th 2016
ALLpaQ Packaging Group Ltd today announced that Keith Raper has been appointed European business development manager.
ALLpaQ managing director, Phill Allen, said “Keith’s arrival will further strengthen” the company’s aim of “strategically optimising biopharmaceutical supply chains with plastic bioprocess containment systems”.
“Keith brings over 30 years of experience of the liquid handling packaging industry,” he added, describing him as a “key part of the puzzle when it comes to transporting valuable fluids, buffers and media along in-process storage and handling supply chains”.

“Confidence” in growth

Mr Raper, who will also be tasked with overseeing the expanding global distributor network, said he “relished” the opportunity of working with “one of the most distinguished brands and suppliers in the sector”.
Expressing “confidence” in augmenting ALLpaQ’s “already strong foundations” in Europe and North America, he commented: “With the benefit of the strategic transformation we are aggressively implementing, we will capture the many opportunities available to us to strengthen our core business and pursue growth opportunities.”
“You improve your own business by first improving that of your customers – that’s my belief.”
This line of thinking, he continued, “resonated perfectly” with ALLpaQ’s “own mission to fuel the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with designs that optimise their downstream processes”.
“ALLpaQ’s diverse range of bioprocess containers have been designed to work practically within supply chains. They move beyond the rigidity of solid bioprocess units: the stackable, collapsible and foldable functionality offering an immediate competitive advantage to supply chain managers in streamlining their bioprocessing systems.”
Mr Raper pinpointed “rationalisation, optimisation and single-use” as “some of the top level messages I’ll be taking to customers, partners and prospects across my region.”
Mr Raper’s position with ALLpaQ started with effect from July 1st, 2016.

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