ALLpaQ AIR generates sky high savings for healthcare company

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March, 19th, 2014

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ALLpaQ’s business development manager, Nick Montgomery, has said that a new air cargo product commissioned for a client in the healthcare sector will generate savings of circa €1 million over the lifecycle of the project.
Mr Montgomery was speaking at the launch of ALLpaQ AIR. The specially designed bioprocess container optimises the air transportation of biopharmaceutical media held under temperature controlled conditions in the Envirotainer RAP e2 container.
Mr Montgomery said that four AIR units could fit inside one RAP e2 container, fully optimising space during air freight.
“Owing to the dimensions of many other standard bioprocess containers, many companies have previously only been able to ship two units per Envirotainer,” he explained.
“Needless to say, the more biopharmaceutical media transported per flight, the more economically sustainable that flight becomes. Wasted space, after all, equals wasted money let alone increased impact to the environment.”
Mr Montgomery explained that AIR had been developed in direct response to a need expressed by a client in the healthcare sector to ship 600+ litres of biopharma media between mainland Europe and the USA.
“ALLpaQ’s standard Genesis volumetric capacity in excess of 500 litres, which is based upon the standard 1155 mmx1155 mm footprint, is already designed to optimise space in sea cargo containers.”
“Even so, dimensionally the client was restricted to transporting a maximum of two units per environmental chamber at a significantly inflated cost per shipment.”
Owing to demand, AIR has now been included in the standard portfolio of bioprocess containers available exclusively through ALLpaQ and its appointed distributors.
More information about ALLpaQ Genesis AIR


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