ALLpaQ A Critical Supplier To Vaccine Clinical Manufacturing

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July, 18th, 2022

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ALLpaQ’s continued growth as the market leader and originator of all-plastic bioprocess containers has seen the secondary packaging company become a critical supplier to vaccine clinical manufacturing projects. 

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine production has never been a more talked about or important subject. “Along with a healthy diet and exercise, vaccines can lower your chance of getting certain diseases,” explains ALLpaQ Managing Director, Phill Allen. “ALLpaQ is incredibly proud to be playing a small role in helping biotechnology and life science companies optimise the clinical manufacturing of vaccines.” 

Vaccines work with our body’s natural defenses to help us safely develop immunity to disease. Vaccines are complex biological products which undergo lengthy manufacturing and control processes. Because quality controls represent around 70% of the full manufacturing duration, successful manufacturing of high-quality vaccines requires international standardisation of starting materials, production and quality control testing.

“At ALLpaQ,” adds Phill, “we design, fabricate and supply our shipping and cleanroom bioprocess containers under strict ISO Quality management. Our customers put a bag in our product; into that bag will go various different pharmaceutical media products. It could be a buffer solution or a cell culture solution. The bioprocess containers are then used in their supply chain or their manufacturing chain to create, ultimately, vaccines.”

In vaccine production, all components, manufacturing processes, testing methods, along with their reagents and standards, must comply with the standards defined for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These overarching quality standards involve extempore pharmaceutical quality systems, quality assurance measures and procedures. 

“There are several quality controls at each phase to ensure vaccine identity, purity, sterility, efficacy and safety,” says Phill. “ALLpaQ therefore works diligently with our customer to ensure the specifics of their manufacturing process are supported by our fluid management solutions.”

Alongside its flagship bioprocess containers, ALLpaQ also continues to develop its laboratory accessory offering, with cleanroom trays, cabinets and all manner of custom applications in high demand by the biotech industry.

Caption: Phill Allen at ALLpaQ’s fabrication headquarters in Widnes, Cheshire 

Business Continuity Planning

Because complex multivalent vaccines undergo an intricate development process with production lead times in excess of 36 months, workflow continuity is critical to vaccine producers. 

With increasing demand on the manufacturers, Phill says business continuity planning has never been more important to them. “At ALLpaQ, for instance, any downtime in fabrication would lead to downtime in vaccine production. That’s why we are continuing to invest heavily in business continuity planning as part of our own long term growth plans.”

“The flexible manufacturing capacity we are developing, ensures continuation of vaccine production through a catastrophic event. ALLpaQ now has production running from three separate facilities to ensure efficient switching of resources should one facility have a temporary pause in its ability to function.”

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