6 reasons pharmaceutical firms love bioprocess containment

posted by Phill Allen

December, 01st, 2014

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Bioprocess containment is the bringer of storage, safety and shipment to valuable pharmaceutical media. Bioprocess containment does indeed reside as the key in the ignition of fluid handling and, as such, there are a number of different solutions on the market.
The choice typically comes down to steel or, in the case of ALLpaQ’s solution, plastic. Increasing numbers of pharmaceutical managers are swinging towards the all-plastic bioprocess containment solution. But why is this the case, you ask.
6 reasons pharmaceutical firms love bioprocess containmentWell, for six good reasons:
1.Plastic bioprocess containers are stackable
ALLpaQ bioprocess containers can be easily stacked – this is the beauty of fabricating in plastic. Space saved in storage and shipment equals money saved across your operation.
2.Plastic bioprocess containers are easy to handle
Unlike weighty steel equivalents, plastic bioprocess containment and ease of manual handling go hand in hand with the ALLpaQ solution.
3.Plastic bioprocess containers are foldable
Fold and collapse ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess containers to save valuable space in return shipment. Plastic also won’t weigh your profit margins down when it comes to shipping charges.
4.Plastic bioprocess containers are reusable and recyclable
ALLpaQ bioprocess containers enjoy an extended lifecycle – somethings, as the saying goes, never get old. In the event of a sidewall damage, for instance, individual panels can be removed and replaced.

5. Plastic bioprocesses are hygienic

The cost of cleaning bioprocess containers is a common concern for pharma, biotech and life science managers. ALLpaQ’s all-plastic solution has been designed to address these issues. Plastic is, for example easier to clean than steel and can be jet washed. Likewise, if needed, individual panels can be removed for cleaning.

6. Plastic bioprocess containers are cost effective

The raw materials used to fabricate plastic bioprocess containers are considerably more cost-effective than the steel counterparts.

Ready to put the process in your bioprocess?

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