5 reasons why pharmaceutical firms prefer plastic totes

posted by Phill Allen

April, 04th, 2018

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plastic pharmaceutical totes vs steel
We all know that pharmaceutical totes are the bringer of safety, storage, and shipment of valuable pharmaceutical media. They are also widely used for fluid handling and bioprocessing. The multipurpose tote means that there are a myriad of solutions on the market.
Traditionally, the choice comes down to steel or, in the case of ALLpaQ’s solution: plastic. What you might not have known is that many pharmaceutical and chemical processing managers are swinging towards the all-plastic tote containment solution.
But why?

1.Plastic tote containers are stackable

Plastic’s steel predecessors were made heavy, robust, and, harder to handle. The innovative aspect about plastic pharmaceutical totes, is that they are the total opposite. Light, stackable, and foldable.It’s clear why ALLpaQ’s tote solution is a technician’s dream.

2. Light as test tube

The need for a Jackhammer to mobilise a steel container is largely inconvenient. It’s particularly frustrating when all Jackhammers are in use by other departments. However, polymer material is so lightweight that most of the time, you don’t need jackhammers. The lightness of plastic totes ables employees to easily stack and store goods without a sweat.

3. So foldable that you could do origami

ALLpaQ’s solution is designed so that all sides collapse and fold to save valuable space during logistics and storage. This is a double whammy as pharmaceutical and chemical companies are jumping for joy when they find out they’re cutting down on logistic costs.

4. Plastic pharmaceutical totes are hygienic

Plastic is easier to clean than steel and can be jet washed. Likewise, if needed, ALLpaQ’s individual panels can be removed for intrinsic cleaning.

5. Plastic bioprocess containers are reusable and recyclable

ALLpaQ bioprocess containers enjoy an extended lifecycle – somethings, as the saying goes, never get old. In the event of a sidewall damage, for instance, individual panels can be removed and replaced.

Ready to make the smartest move?

Find out more about how ALLpaQ all-plastic bioprocess containers can optimise your pharmaceutical storage and shipment supply chain.

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